Singing River / Outside Riverbank

This venue makes our museum unique. A replica of the Tennessee River and the Wilson Dam Lock fascinates children of all ages. Wilson Dam has been declared a National Historic Landmark. The dam spans the Tennessee River between Lauderdale County and Colbert County forming lakes all along the way. It also provides navigation, flood control, electricity generation, and economic development for several states.

Inside the museum, there is a replica of the river that continues to an outside riverbed. The Outdoor River bed is the place for numerous fun activities for all ages. Children can walk on the rocky riverbank, pretend to fish with play fishing rods, or hunt for fossils and mussels. Special events will be held in the courtyard emphasizing our areas, history and heritage. Tennessee River sustains the various wildlife and plant life of the region. Fishing is a big sport in the Shoals area. Many activities are possible along the outside riverbank venue. Children can pretend to go fishing, float toy boats, and learn about many plants and animals.